São Paulo School of Advanced Science on e-Science for Bioenergy Research (Oct 22 – 26, 2012)

Modern science is interdisciplinary and data-intensive. For instance, in the 1000 Genomes Project (www.1000genomes.org), the comparative study of 629 individuals has already generated 7.3 TB of data. Analogous situations exist in fields such as astronomy, agriculture, social sciences, etc. Ten years ago, the problem was how to obtain data. Today, the bottleneck is the need for new computational strategies and tools so that scientists can manage these massive volumes of heterogeneous, distributed, data, so that they can generate new knowledge from the processing, analysis and visualization of the data. This launched the basis of the so-called e-Science: the combination of advanced research in computer science and mathematical modeling to allow and accelerate research in other knowledge domains.

The São Paulo School of Advanced Science on e-Science for Bioenergy Research (SPSAS e-SciBioenergy) was designed to disseminate important e-Science topics on data-intensive research and knowledge discovery. Participants will have the opportunity to complement their expertise on different topics such as:

  1. 1Biomedical image analysis and visualization
  2. 2Computer-oriented approaches and applications
  3. 3Data-oriented approaches and applications
  4. 4Extreme scale approaches and applications
  5. 5High-performance computing
  6. 6New e-Science application areas and opportunities
  7. 7Scientific databases and workflows
  8. 8Systems biology and bioinformatics

The School will be held at Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory – CTBE (www.bioethanol.org.br) in Campinas, SP, Brazil and will consist of mini-courses, lectures and technical visits to the laboratories of CTBE. The event will be held in English. The eSciBioenergy is part of the FAPESP SPSAS (ESPCA) Series.

.For more information, visit http://www2.bioetanol.org.br/escibioenergy/