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2011-11-13 14:00
Auditório Jacy Monteiro, block B, Cidade Universitária - São Paulo, Brazil
ABSTRACT The main objective of medical image segmentation is the partition of the image into several homogeneous regions with respect to one or more [...]
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2012-04-25 14:00
Auditório Jacy Monteiro, bloco B, Cidade Universitária - São Paulo, Brazil
ABSTRACT Schistosoma mansoni is one of the parasites which causes schistosomiasis. According to the Brazilian Ministry of Health, several million people in the [...]
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2012-07-03 14:00
Sala 254, bloco A, Cidade Universitária - São Paulo, República Federativa do Brasil
ABSTRACT During the past years, the use of machine learning techniques have become into one of the most frequently performed tasks, [...]

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