Welcome to the IEEE e-Science 2014 The 10th IEEE International Conference on e-Science The 10th IEEE International Conference on e-Science The 10th IEEE International Conference on e-Science

Welcome to the IEEE e-Science 2014


The 10th IEEE International Conference on e-Science


The 10th IEEE International Conference on e-Science


The 10th IEEE International Conference on e-Science


IEEE eScience 2014 Accepted Papers - Main conference, proceedings volume 1

Session – Digital Humanities and Citizen Science

A Generic Framework for Synchronized Distributed Data Management in Archaeological Related Disciplines.
Authors - Johannes-Y. Lohrer, Daniel Kaltenthaler, Peer Kröger, Christiaan H. van der Meijden and Henriette Obermaier.

On Replica Placement in a Social CDN for e-Science
Authors - Kai Kugler, Simon Caton, Kyle Chard and Daniel Katz

Evaluating Volunteers’ Contributions in a Citizen Science Project
Authors - Jeferson S. Arcanjo, Fernando M. Ramos, Alvaro L. Fazenda and Eduardo F. P. Luz


Session – Cyberinfrastructure I

Globus Nexus: Research Identity, Profile, and Group Management as a Service
Authors - Kyle Chard and Ian Foster 

Web-scale distributed eScience AI search across disconnected and heterogeneous infrastructures
Authors - Lars Kotthoff, Tom Kelsey and Martin McCaffery 

Setup an hydro-meteo experiment in minutes: the DRIHM e-infrastructure for hydro-meteorology research
Authors - Emanuele Danovaro, Luca Roverelli, Gabriele Zereik, Antonella Galizia, Daniele D'Agostino, Alfonso Quarati, Andrea Clematis, Fabio Delogu, Elisabetta Fiori, Antonio Parodi, Christian Straube, Nils Felde, Quillon Harpham, Bert Jagers, Luis Garrote, Ljiljana Dekic, Marija Ivkovic, Evelyne Richard and Olivier Caumont


Session – Data Analysis and Provenance

Study in Usefulness of Middleware-Only Provenance
Authors – Quan Zhou, Devarshi Ghoshal and Beth Plale 

Accelerating Data Acquisition, Reduction, and Analysis at the Spallation Neutron Source

Authors – Galen Shipman, Stuart Campbell, James Kohl, Garrett Granroth, Ross Miller, Mathieu Doucet, Dale Stansberry, Thomas Proffen, Russell Taylor and David Dillow.

Producing Data, Producing Software: Developing a Radio Astronomy Research Infrastructure

Authors – Drew Paine and Charlotte Lee. 

Workflow Reuse in Practice: A Study of Neuroimaging Pipeline Users
Authors – Daniel Garijo, Oscar Corcho and Yolanda Gil


Session – Ecology and Biodiversity

AusPlots Rangelands field data collection and publication: Infrastructure for Ecological Monitoring
Authors - Andrew Tokmakoff, Ben Sparrow, David Turner and Andrew Lowe 

NatData: a platform to integrate geospatial data from natural resources of the brazilian biomes
Authors – Carla G. N. Macário, Alan M. Nakai, Luciano V. Koenigkan. Jaudete Daltio and Carlos Eduardo Lazarini da Fonseca 

Phenological event detection by visual rhythms dissimilarity analysis
Authors – Lilian Chaves Brandao Dos Santos, Jurandy Almeida, Jefersson A. Dos Santos, Silvio Jamil F. Guimaraes, Arnaldo de A. Araujo, Bruna C. Alberton, Leonor Patricia C. Morellato and Ricardo da S. Torres Torres 

Observational data patterns for time series data quality assessment
Authors – Gilberto Pastorello, Deb Agarwal, Dario Papale, Taghrid Samak, Carlo Trotta, Alessio Ribeca, Cristina Poindexter, Boris Faybishenko, Dan Gunter, Rachel Hollowgrass and Eleonora Canfora


Session – Algorithms and Infrastructure

Using Application Skeletons to Improve eScience Infrastructure
Authors – Zhao Zhang and Daniel Katz. 

A Cluster-Based Approach to Support the Delineation of Management Zones in Precision Agriculture
Authors - Eduardo Antonio Speranza, Ricardo Rodrigues Ciferri, Célia Regina Grego and Luiz Eduardo Vicente

An information measure for comparing top-k lists
Authors – Arun Konagurthu and James Collier


Session – Management of Research Data

Sustainable Research Data Management Services for Managing and Disseminating UNSW Australia Research Data
Authors – Maude Frances, Arif Shaon, Shane Cox, Luc Betbeder-Matibet and Eamon Smallwood. 

An eScience tool for understanding Copyright in Data Driven Sciences
Authors - Richard Hosking, Mark Gahegan and Gill Dobbie. 

Ontologies for Describing the Context of Scientific Experiment Processes
Authors – Rudolf Mayer, Tomasz Miksa, Andreas Rauber and Goncalo Antunes


Session – Complex Networks

Consensus methods to support crowdsourcing
Authors - Andrea Matsunaga 

From Phenotypes to Trees of Life: A Metamodel-driven approach for integration of Taxonomy models
Authors – Anaïs Grand, Régine Vignes Lebbe and André Santanchè 

Finding Matrimonial Circuits in some Amerindian Kinship Networks: an Experimental Study
Authors – Carlos Ferreira, Alvaro Franco and Marcio Silva.


Session – eHealth

Using Hidden Markov Models to Determine Changes in Subject Data over Time, Studying the Immunoregulatory effect of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Authors – Edgar Black, Luigi Marini, Ashwini Vaidya, Dora Berman, Melissa Willman, Dan Salomon, Amelia Bartholomew, Norma Kenyon and Kenton McHenry 

A Provenance Model Based on Declarative Specifications for Intensive Data Analyses in Hemotherapy Information Systems
Authors - Fernanda N. Almeida, Gisela Tunes, Ester C. Sabino, Alfredo Mendrone-Júnior and Joao Eduardo Ferreira 

Agile Semantic Annotation of Scientific Texts at the Biomedical Scenario
Authors - Marcus Silva, Kele Belloze, Floriano Silva-Junior and Maria Claudia Cavalcanti


Session – Scientific Workflows I

Data analysis workflow for experiments in sugarcane precision agriculture
Authors – Carlos Driemeier, Yi Ling Liu, Angélica O. Pontes, Guilherme M. Sanches, Henrique C. J. Franco, Paulo S. G. Magalhães and João E. Ferreira 

Layer Decomposition: An Effective Structure-based Approach for Scientific Workflow Similarity
Authors - Johannes Starlinger, Sarah Cohen-Boulakia, Sanjeev Khanna, Susan B. Davidson and Ulf Leser 

Community Resources for Enabling Research in Distributed Scientific Workflows
Authors - Rafael Ferreira Da Silva, Weiwei Chen, Gideon Juve, Karan Vahi and Ewa Deelman.


Session – Volcanology and Astroinformatics

eScience gateway stimulating collaboration in rock physics and volcanology
Authors - Rosa Filgueira, Malcolm Atkinson, Andrew Bell, Ian Main, Steve Boon, Christopher Kilburn and Philip Meredith. 

A Scalable Planetary Science Information Architecture for Big Science Data
Authors – Daniel Crichton, J. Steven Hughes, Sean Hardman, Emily Law, Reta Beebe, Thomas Morgan and Edwin Grayzeck 

Automated Real-Time Classification and Decision Making in Complex Data Streams from Synoptic Sky Surveys
Authors – George Djorgovski, Michael Turmon, Ashish Mahabal, Ciro Donalek, Matthew Graham, Thomas Fuchs and Andrew Drake.


Session – Scientific Workflows II

FragFlow: Automated Fragment Detection in Scientific Workflows
Authors – Daniel Garijo, Yolanda Gil, Oscar Corcho, Boris A. Gutman, Ivo D. Dinov, Paul Thompson and Arthur T. Toga. 

Experiences with User-Centered Design for the Tigres Workflow API
Authors – Lavanya Ramakrishnan, Sarah Poon, Valerie Hendrix, Daniel Gunter, Gilberto Pastorello and Deborah Agarwal 

Scientific Workflow Management - for Whom?
Authors – Silvia Olabarriaga, Gabriele Pierantoni, Giuliano Taffoni, Claudio Vuerli, Eva Sciacca, Mohammad Mahdi Jaghoori, Vladimir Korkhov, Ugo Becciani, E Carley and Bob Bentley


Session – Cyberinfrastructure II

Network Health and e-Science in Public Clouds
Authors - Ryan Chard, Kris Bubendorfer and Bryan Ng 

HTSeq-Hadoop: Extending HTSeq for Massively Parallel Sequencing Data Analysis using Hadoop
Authors – Alexey Siretskiy and Ola Spjuth 

CINET 2.0: A CyberInfrastructure for Network Science
Authors - Sherif Elmeligy Abdelhamid, Maksudul Alam, Richard Alo, Shaikh Arifuzzaman, Pete Beckman, Tirtha Bhattacharjee, Hasanuzzaman Bhuiyan, Keith Bisset, Stephen Eubank, Albert Esterline, Ed Fox, Geoffrey Fox, S.M.Shamimul Hasan, Harshal Hayatnagarkar, Maleq Khan, Christopher Kuhlman, Madhav V. Marathe, Natarajan Meghanathan, Henning Mortveit, Judy Qiu, S. S. Ravi, Zalia Shams, Ongard Sirisaengtaksin, Samarth Swarup, Anil Vullikanti and Tak-Lon Wu.


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