Selection of Students

There are available slots for a total of 60 students (undergraduate, graduate), 10 researchers and post-docs. Among those, 25 foreign students and 25 Brazilian students will be selected to receive financial support for travel, hotel and meal costs (i.e. full financial support).

Areas of interest: computer science, engineering, physics, bioinformatics, chemistry, math, etc.

The selection of students getting financial support will be done by the organizing committee based on CVs and additional documentation as indicated in the Registration menu. Deadline for registration: August 27th, 2012.

Students Selected

All candidates registered have received an e-mail with further information about approval in the SPSAS e-SciBioenergy’s selection. If you have any doubt, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1. Albukhanajer, W. A. 28. Lara, D. S. 55. Premebida, C.
2. Almeida Jr, J. G. 29. Leite, T. P. C. 56. Puentes, E. A. B.
3. Anjos, J. C. S. 30. Llerena, N. E. M. 57. Reis, E. C.
4. Antiqueira, L. 31. Lopes, F. M. 58. Santos, A. S. R.
5. Batista, M. V. A. 32. Luiz, G. F. R. 59. Santos, R. D. C.
6. Bessa, A. D. 33. Macedo, M. M. G. 60. Saraiva, M. C.
7. Cabrera, J. A. P. 34. Machado, B. B. 61. Shahand, S.
8. Carniel, A. C. 35. Malaverri, J. E. G. 62. Silva, J. C.
9. Cerri, R. 36. Marinho, C. D. 63. Silva, R. R.
10. Chowdhary, G. 37. Miranda, E. P. 64. Silveira Jr, E. G.
11. Comas, D. S. 38. Mondal, K. C. 65. Siqueira, A. F.
12. Costa, M. O. C. 39. Monge, D. 66. Somarribas, M. B.
13. Cruz, E. A. O. 40. Mota, M. S. 67. Sousa, T. M. S.
14. Cunha, C. P. 41. Mottalli, M. 68. Squina, F.
15. Delibaltov, D. L. 42. Murali, G. 69. Tan, B.
16. Faceli, K. 43. Nishiyama Jr, M. Y. 70. Teixeira, E. C.
17. Gayevskiy, V. 44. Obrovac, M. 71. Thomas, S. A.
18. Gomes Jr, L. C. 45. Oliveira, C. P. 72. Tomazetto, G.
19. Gonçalves, B. N. 46. Oliveira, R. J. 73. Toutouh, J.
20. González, L. M. G. 47. Pagnuco, I. A. 74. Videla, S.
21. Guimarães, P. E. M. 48. Pal, J. K. 75. Vilar, B. S. C. M.
22. Gusmão, E. G. 49. Pastorello, G. Z. 76. Wang, Y.
23. Herai, R. 50. Pedrosa, G. V. 77. Watts, A. G.
24. Horta, M. A. C. 51. Pereira, G. S. 78. Ximenes, A. C.
25. Jachyra, D. 52. Piao, Y. 79. Zhang, L.
26. Gamez, K. O. 53. Pinto, S. C. D.  
27. Koga, I. K. 54. Prado, J. M.