Research projects related to biological and medical sciences involve modeling and extracting knowledge from biological data of different scales in an integrative approach from systems biology. The involved groups have extensive experience and technology for data acquisition in different biological scales, from genetic to phenotypic levels (especially through images related
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Due to the nature of this proposal, the Data Mining and Databases group will be one of the structured groups of the USP-e-Science Research Network. Members of this NAP have participated in multidisciplinary projects, which involve the creation and analysis of databases, involving the mining of large databases. In collaboration
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Pattern recognition methods aim at classifying elements of interest based on experimental measures extracted from them. It plays a central role in most data analysis problems involved in the USP-e-Science center. Pattern recognition applications may be found in a many different fields such as in image analysis, signal processing and
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VISUAL COMPUTATION: Images and Visualization

Computer vision and digital imaging have a fundamental role in the research envisaged for the USP-e-Science Network: i) digital images retain information covering an array of phenomena in various disciplines; ii) data visualization is one of the most influential tools promoting multidisciplinary interaction for data interpretation by team specialists in
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Modern science is interdisciplinary and data-intensive. For instance, in the 1000 Genomes Project (, the comparative study of 629 individuals has already generated 7.3 TB of data. Analogous situations exist in fields such as astronomy, agriculture, social sciences, etc. Ten years ago, the problem was how to obtain data. Today, the bottleneck is the need for new computational strategies and tools so that scientists can manage these massive volumes of heterogeneous, distributed, data, so that they can generate new knowledge from the processing, analysis and visualization of the data. This launched the basis of the so-called eScience: the combination of advanced research in computer science and mathematical modeling to allow and accelerate research in other knowledge domains. National programs in eScience have been created in the US, GB, Australia and other countries, that recognized the importance of this theme for the advancement of science. The main goal of this project is the design and construction of a collaborative network for research in eScience, in a partnership that involves computer science . . .

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Each semester, eScience Research Network organizes a series of seminars. You are invited to participate

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Research Groups

The eScience Research Network at IME - USP is composed by researcchers working on theoretical and applied research topics in computer vision, image processing, structural and statistical pattern recognition and bioinformatics.


Recently established as a consequence of the successful Brazilian initiatives in genomic and post-genomic studies, the MSc and PhD Programs o
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Laboratory of Data Security - studies and research in information security and data protection.
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The Medical Imaging Group focuses on the research and development of innovative medical imaging processing and analysis methodologies to aid
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