Due to the nature of this proposal, the Data Mining and Databases group will be one of the structured groups of the USP-e-Science Research Network. Members of this NAP have participated in multidisciplinary projects, which involve the creation and analysis of databases, involving the mining of large databases. In collaboration with Fundação Pró-Sangue Hemocentro de São Paulo they are pursuing the knowledge to improve the security in blood transfusions. The project aims at developing a database to help blood banks (hemocenters) to support analysis of their stored data to gather the information and knowledge needed by the specialists. Three sub-projects will be developed in this direction: i) analysis of residual risk of HIV transmission; ii) epidemiological study regarding the confidence of questionnaires answers obtained during blood donors selection; iii) natural history of the Chagas disease. It is also under development another project in collaboration with the Health Department of Brazil aimed at developing methods and tools to create and to analyze clinical and molecular data markers from HIV patients to help on decision making for the Department of STD (sexual transmitted diseases), Aids and Viral hepatitis.